My Sweet Angel by SM
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It was the time of my eternal abyss
You came like an array of gleeful bliss
My angel O my sweet angel
Tears used to roll down my eyes
Felt my life was full of lies
Then it was you with perpetual words and tender smile
My angel O my sweet angel
Chubby in look and bubbly by the book
You were always there with a reassuring air
Filled my void with your ethereal care
My angel O my sweet angel
Now my eyes are filled with tears of joy
You can always see that how much I enjoy
I had a painful past, but I promise you that would not last
My angel O my sweet angel
Hug me kiss me love me
That’s the way we are gonna be
Can you see it my eye, am I telling a lie?
My angel O my sweet angel
I can’t pretend anymore
It’s you who I adore
It’s you whom I’ve been longing for
I just want to give you my love, my heart
And never wanna be apart.

My Sweet Angel By SM

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      kadali dinesh
    April 5, 2021; 10:05 pm

      Ori veedi veshaluuuuu

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My Sweet Angel by SM
Author: Bhaskar Ananth
Genres: #Romance, #Poetry
Title: My Sweet Angel by SM

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